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School Visits

We offer a wide range of educational opportunities at the Welsh Mining Experience that assist teaching staff with providing a meaningful, relevant and motivating curriculum for learners.
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Black Gold Experience Underground Guided Tour

Journey through life in a coal mine by following in the footsteps of our tour guides, who were once real-life miners.

New for 2018, Dram: The Cinematic Experience. Be among the first visitors to jump on board as you ride the last dram of coal to the surface. Hold on tight - this may be a bumpy ride, with a few surprises along the way.

Your experience will begin by a visit to the recently developed Trefor & Bertie Engine Houses.  You will head to the Lamp Room, where you will learn all about the dangerous gases associated with working underground. Your guide will explain the importance of the lamp safety check.

You will also Learn about the evolution of underground safety, from the life-saving role of the canary to the invention and introduction of the flame safety lamp.

Continue then into the coal seams and experience life as a coal miner.

Black Gold Experince Underground Tour, for a maximum of 25 pupils, last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes and cost (£4.50 for schools in RCT) or (£5.40 for schools outside of RCT) per child.

Curriculum Links: History, Numeracy, History and Science.

The Visitor Centre

Welcome to our Museum - and indoor reconstruction of a period village street displaying the domestic and commercial life of the South Wales Valleys in bygone years.

Browse around the authentic village shops which have been reconstructed using locally-sourced original shop facades. Admire the prominent architectural features, and once inside, discover how traditional ironmongers, butchers, printers and cobblers used to look.

Compare and evaluate how shopping for our essential goods has changed over the years and consider what differences this has made to village life.

To ensure you get the most out of your visit, we provide worksheets for you have fun investigating and take back to the classroom.

Worksheets can be sent to you prior to arrival or alternatively you can collect them from our Reception Desk upon arrival for just £5.25 per class.

Curriculum Links: Literacy, Numeracy, History.

Grandma’s Wash Day

A fun-filled activity which is sure to engage the children. They will be able to experience first-hand how Great-Grandma would have tackled the washing in years gone by.

This is a hands-on workshop ideal for Reception Classes and Key Stage 1 pupils.

Discover what wash days were really like in the days before the automatic machine, tumble dryer and electric iron. Learn all about how the advances in technology have changed our everyday domestic practices.

Activity time approximately 45 minutes. Additional price £1 per child.

Children will be able to:

  • Wash clothes using a scrubbing board, carbolic soap and a washing dolly.
  • Squeeze water out of the clothes using a mangle.
  • Hang clothes on a washing line using wooden dolly pegs

Curriculum Links: Literacy, Numeracy, History, Science.

Tram Road Guided Walk

Travel back in time and discover the evolution of industrial transportation and how it was adapted as a form of public transport on Market Day.

Walk down our Tram Road, discover where it started and what remains to this day. Examine the changes in the landscape and explore the nearby surroundings of Barry Sidings.

Along the walk discover how nature has reclaimed what was once taken and shaped by the once-thriving coal industry. This walk is also the perfect opportunity to bring your camera along.

Activity time approximately one hour. Additional price £1 per child.

Curriculum Links: Literacy, Numeracy, Geography, History, Science, ICT.

Additional Activities On Offer

Make the most of your visit to Rhondda Heritage Park by also taking part in the following educational activities. There is no time restraint on these activities. They can be completed at a pace to suit individual requirements.
Make and astrolabe and measure the height of our Chimney Stack and other buildings.

In this numeracy-based activity, children will learn how to measure a tall building using a protractor and a 45 Degree angle.

Participants will also make their very-own astrolabe to take home and will have the use of our trundle wheels to carry out their calculations. Activity recording sheet and graph paper also provided.

Cost £10.50 per class

Make a miner’s helmet and safety lamp

This craft-based exercise involves the use of shapes and symmetry. When assembled, each child will have their very-own unique helmet and lamp to take home with them.

Cost £10.50 per class.

Museum worksheets/activities

Children will need to use their investigatory skills and explore the museum thoroughly to find information and hidden objects. This offers a great opportunity to evaluate how progress has changed the way we live.

Worksheets and pencils provided. Worksheets can be sent out for printing prior to arrival, or alternatively they can be collected from our Reception Desk upon arrival.

Cost £5.25 per class.

Mining arts/artefacts box

A box filled with educational delights and mining memorabilia such as a pair of boots, a stick of dynamite and a selection of original mining photographs through the ages. Children will be able to examine and discuss the contents of the box and artistically make a record of the items by using the medium of charcoal.

Teachers will also be provided with an information pack containing information of all the objects, along with some additional research material to assist with the topic.

Coast £10.50 per class

Loan Boxes

We have a variety of loan boxes to help teaching staff deliver a meaningful and relevant educational experience. Our loan boxes can help provide the basis for implementing further skills across the curriculum.

The themes of our loan boxes are Second World War; The Romans; The Tudors; Victorian Toys.

Cost £37 per half term.

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