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School Visits

A Welsh Coal Mining Experience has a unique educational offer. What better place to inspire learning and curiosity than in a location where an international adventure unfolded? Our range of practical and interactive sessions follow the National Curriculum and can be mixed and matched to create a great day out. And did we mention that our education offer has been Awarded the Sandford Award?
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All trips begin and end in the Fan House, which is a meeting place and somewhere to have packed lunches.

If you need more information, please contact us and we will help plan and price your visit.

RCT schools pay net costs for all visits. Please call us on 01443 682036 to discuss.

Itinerary download- View our suggested itineraries for your exciting day out!

Workshops with prices - View the range of educational workshops we offer for your visit!

Brochure - View what your visit could look like.

Artefact Boxes

You can either borrow our artefact boxes to discover on site, or you can hire them from us for the classroom. All are perfect for Primary School learners but can be adapted for Secondary learners.

Each box comes with a full teacher resource pack and worksheets.

  • Meet the Romans: Contains armour, jewellery, cookware and personal hygiene equipment to help you explore life as a roman.
  • Tudor Life: Discover what life was like during the reign of the Tudors.
  • Victorian Household: Learn about Victorian class differences and how your status in society was reflected at home.
  • The Victorian School: Don the schoolmaster's cap and gown and deliver Victorian class plans!
  • Victorian Toys: A look at how children played in the days before technology and gadgets. Contains hobby horse, hoop and stick, whip and top, a diablo and marbles.
  • Mr Thomas' Day: Get hands on with a box of mining artefacts to learn about the life of this miner, who worked in the Bertie Pit at Lewis Merthyr Colliery in 1926.
  • World War One: Dive in and discover what life was really like for those on the Western Front.
  • World War Two: Contains replica gas mask, blitz resource pack, newspapers, Air Raid Protection helmet and ration pack.

Please remember we can cater for any size of group. Price estimates in the suggested itineraries are for 60 pupils.

We also offer free preview visits for teachers, so you can get a better idea of what's on offer.

To book, call: 01443 682036

Or download our booking forms below and email them to

Artefact Box Booking Form

School Visit Booking Form

Gallery Worksheet

Use our Gallery Worksheet to explore our Coal Society and Black Gold Galleries. It is there that you will discover the history of the Rhondda.

Coal! A Titanic Story

Our site has links to the Titanic, and a piece of coal from that very ship, sits in our gallery. Find it and create a story or write a story about your favourite artefact on site!

Book a school visit call 01443 682036