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School Visits

The Welsh Mining Experience has a unique educational offer. What better place to inspire learning and curiosity than in a location where an international adventure unfolded? Our range of practical, interactive sessions follow the National Curriculum and can be mixed and matched to create a great day out.
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All trips begin and end in the Fan House, which is a meeting place and somewhere to have packed lunches and, if the weather is fine and time allows, pupils can use the Energy Zone play area.

If you need more information, please contact us and we will help plan and price your visit.

Download our suggested itineraries for more ideas!

We also offer free preview visits, so you can get a better idea of what's on offer.

Activities (mix and match as you wish)

Accompanied/Guided Activities

Black Gold Experience Underground Guided Tour

Journey through life in the coal mine, accompanied by former miners who are now expert guides. Begin at the restored Engine Houses and "meet" an historic character. Learn how these buildings helped power coal mining. Discover the risks the brave men and boy miners took. Do you know how canaries saved lives? Find out!

Don your miner's helmet and, accompanied by your guide, a former miner who will share personal stories, memories and experiences of work at the coal face to bring to life an epic tale of industry, achievement and community.

Hop aboard Dram! an exciting cinematic experience in which you board the last dram of coal as it makes its way to the pit surface. Hold on tight!

Duration: 45 minutes

Curriculum links: History and global citizenship.

Mrs Thomas' Wash Day

How did people cope before washing machines, tumble dryers or launderettes?!

Roll up your sleeves and find out in this "soaper fun" activity, which is hands-on and perfect for Reception classes and Key Stage 1.

Use a scrubbing board, carbolic soap and a washing dolly to clean clothes, before squeezing the water out with a mangle and then hanging them out to dry using wooden dolly pegs.

Duration: 45 minutes

Curriculum links: History, literacy, PSE and science. 

Craft of Hearts Workshop

Join Jo and Co at Craft of Hearts, which is based in the museum and uses a range of materials to create beautiful goodies that the children can make themselves and then take home as a keepsake of their visit.

Duration: One hour

Curriculum links: Unlimited, depending on activity.

Guided or teacher-led activities

Tram Road Walk:

Over 200 years ago, pioneer Richard Griffiths built a tram road from Lewis Merthyr Colliery to Pontypridd, which was used by coal industrialists and the women of the Rhondda who needed to get to town for market day!

Follow the route of the tram road through beautiful Barry Sidings Country and look out for the Hetty Winding house.

Duration: One hour

Curriculum links: Literacy, geography, science, history, arty and sustainable development and globalisation.

Coal Scientists:

Walk through the history of coal and learn how it is formed - from the depths of the Rhondda Valleys to the engines rooms of ships. Investigate coal and its value as a fuel in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Duration: One hour

Curriculum links: Science, history, maths and PSE.

Rhondda Landscapes:

Explore the texture and tones of the work of Rhondda artists, which hangs in the museum. Investigate the styles of local artists and create your own masterpiece.

Duration: 45 mins

Curriculum Links: Art and Design, History, PSE

A Head for Heights:

Make an astrolabe and measure the height of our chimney stack. This numeracy-based activity will help children learn how to measure heights with a protractor and 45 degree angle.

Duration: 45 minutes

Curriculum links: Numeracy, Literacy, PSE

Make a Miner's Helmet:

This craft-based exercise uses shapes and symmetry to enable children to make a paper helmet to take home with them.

Duration: 45 minutes

Curriculum links: Numeracy, Literacy.

Teacher-led activities

Coal:  A Titanic Story

Create a Titanic story from your visit, including your favourite objects from our gallery and how you imagine the life of a miner and their family was in the industrial days.

Duration: 30 minutes

Curriculum links: Literacy, History, Numeracy.

Black Gold Gallery Worksheets:

Use pre-prepared sheets to explore the museum and pick up loads of knowledge! Answer questions about local history by finding clues.

Duration: 30 minutes

Curriculum links:  Literacy, Numeracy, PSE

Artefact Boxes

You can either borrow our artefact boxes to discover on site, or you can hire them from us for the classroom.

Each box comes with a full teacher resource back and worksheets.

  • Mr Thomas' Day: Get hands on with a box of mining artefacts to learn about the life of this miner, who worked in the Bertie Pit at Lewis Merthyr Colliery in 1926. Perfect for Key Stage 2 and 3 and can be adapted for secondary education. Links with science, history, PSE and IT.
  • World War Two: Contains replica gas mask, blitz resource pack, newspapers, Air Raid Protection helmet and ration pack. Again, perfect for Key Stage 2-3 and adaptable for Secondary education.
  • Victorian Toys: A look at how children played in the days before technology and gadgets. Contains hobby horse, hoop and stick, whip and top, a diablo and marbles.
  • Meet the Romans: Contains armour, jewellery, cookware and personal hygiene equipment to help you explore life as a roman.
  • Victorian Household: Learn about Victorian class differences and how your status in society was reflected at home.
  • The Victorian School: Don the schoolmaster's cap and gown and deliver Victorian class plans!

Please remember we can cater for any size of group. Price estimates in the suggested itineraries are for 60 pupils.

Book a school visit call 01443 682036