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Harddu - Beautify


From our friends at the Eisteddfod: How about getting your area ready to show that you’re eager to welcome new visitors?

As people travel to Pontypridd the week of the Eisteddfod, they'll be passing through villages and towns, perhaps for the first time? 

Decorating your area will give you an opportunity to make a good impression to attract people back in the future.

We've prepared a 'Harddu Pack (Decorating)' full of ideas how you can get started on the work. 

Are you eager to help with the decorating project? We want to make sure every village is decorated ready to welcome the festival. 

Find out more

Make sure you use our handy online form to register details of your decoration, or concept, so we can check it can be installed safely.

Posted on 20/06/2024