Daniel Morgan - Civil Engineering Technician Apprentice

Name: Daniel Morgan 

Year Started (Apprenticeship): 2019 

Current Position: Civil Engineering Technician Apprentice 

What did you do before starting the apprenticeship?  

I was studying my AS levels at YGG Cwm Rhondda in sixth form. The subjects I took were Biology, Sociology and Physics. 

Why did you apply for the scheme?  

Although I really enjoyed my time in school studying with friends and supportive teachers, I felt I was wasting my time as I believed I wasn’t fulfilling my potential.  I really enjoyed physics and the different aspects around the subject, I started to do some research on what careers would be similar to my learning. One continuous career which kept appearing was engineering, which led me to research apprenticeships. I attended the RCT Jobs Fair whereby I discovered the Civil Engineering apprenticeship. When the job was advertised, I applied online completing the application form to my best ability. Following on from this, I was invited to two interview stages and fortunately, I was offered the role I wanted. 

What development have you had since being with RCT?  

I am currently studying BTEC Level 3 Construction and the Built Environment qualification at Bridgend College.  I have day release once a week to attend college, then I’m in work for four days. This course is very interesting as I’m constantly learning, and also I get to apply my learning to work activities every day. In addition to attending college every week, I have also completed Emergency First Aid at Work and an Asbestos Awareness course. This will benefit me in future when applying for roles within the council as they are additional qualifications to add to my CV.   

What were the highlights?  

I’m unable to pinpoint one exact moment which stands out to me, as I enjoy every day in the workplace with different tasks and activities to complete each day. As I’m continuously learning some of my highlights include being able to take part in bridge surveying, completing different inspections on structures in RCT, and also attending different site visits. A general highlight of working for RCT Council is the different relationships you build with different people, as these work relationships can quickly become friendships and now I feel very comfortable at work, and look forward to everyday as I approach different tasks.  

Recommendations to Applicants: 

Never be nervous or scared of applying for the role you wish to work in.  The different environments you are involved with when going through the interview process can build confidence, and the more interviews you complete the more comfortable you feel. Also, if you are successful in your application, every employee of RCT council will do their best to make you feel comfortable in your role and help you with any struggles or queries that come into question.  In addition to the friendly environment in the workplace, RCT are a great employer, as they pay higher than the national apprentice wage, offer flexible hours, 25 days annual leave and also the pension scheme they offer is amazing towards building your future. When completing an apprenticeship, a major key aspect is the fact you get paid to learn, which means the professional development is continuous. If you`re just finishing school or college and are questioning whether to complete an apprenticeship or go to university, my personal experience would be to choose the apprenticeship, as further in your career RCT will pay for you to complete a degree/HND in your chosen role.