Daniel Rees - Digital Skills Adoption Officer

Name: Daniel Rees

Year started the apprenticeship: 2020

Current Position: Digital Skills & Adoption Officer

What did you do before starting the apprenticeship?

Prior to my apprenticeship I worked as a Human Recourses Assistant at RCT.

Why did you apply for the apprenticeship scheme?

I have always had an interest in all things IT related but struggled to find opportunities to break into the field. Although I enjoyed my previous role, the chance to work in an area which I was passionate about was very appealing. I saw the apprenticeship as a perfect opportunity to build solid foundations, and to start a new career doing something that I love.

What development have you had since being with RCT? (You could add college here etc)

I feel that my personal development has greatly benefitted from my time as an apprentice. I have been lucky to work with some amazing colleagues and learned a great deal from all my peers.

I have also been studying towards a Level 4 IT Solutions qualification. I’ve found the course enjoyable and informative, and this has helped me with many day-to-day activities associated with my role.

What were the highlights?

I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship. I have been involved in some fantastic projects, including the implementation of the Digital Emergency Room at Ty Elai. I have also taken the lead in the implementation of Digital Hybrid Rooms at various locations across the authority.

The main highlight has been being made a permanent member of staff at RCT and securing my new role of Digital Skills & Adoption Officer which I start on May 1st.

Describe your apprenticeship experience in 3 words

Humbling – Inspiring - Transformative

Recommendations to Applicants:

I would wholeheartedly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone thinking of applying. If you are just starting out, or undertaking a career change, an apprenticeship is a great way to forge a new career and obtain a qualification, while remaining in full time employment.
I will always be grateful for the opportunity to participate in the apprenticeship, as I feel I have acquired the confidence, knowledge, and skills that I will need for all of my future endeavours.