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Important customer feedback has inspired changes to our booking system.

Tickets for Lido Ponty have always been released seven days in advance.

This means the earliest you can buy tickets for a Saturday session, for example, is the Saturday before.

Tickets have previously been released in timeslots aligned with our timetable.

So tickets for the 7.30am Saturday early morning swim, for example, would be released for sale at 7.30am the Saturday before.

Likewise, for example the 2.00pm family fun session would be released at 2.00pm the Saturday before, 3.30pm sessions released at 3.30pm and so on.

This has now changed

Tickets will still be released seven days in advance, but we have changed the times when the tickets are released.

This means you will be able to log on to the Lido Ponty website at 7.30am and purchase tickets for any of the sessions that are happening on the equivalent day, the following week.


Monday,  May 17 (two early morning swim sessions available) - book from 7.30am on Monday, May 10.

Saturday, May 22 (one early morning swim session and then seven family fun sessions) - book from 7.30am on Saturday, May 15.

Posted on Wednesday 5th May 2021
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