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Scattering of cremated remains

Following a cremation, the remains may be dealt with according to choice in any of the following ways:
  • scattering on the Old Gardens Lawns which are situated behind the Columbarium
  • scattering on the New Memorial Garden Lawns which are situated around the Book of Remembrance Chapel
  • loosely deposited at an existing or new Rose bush
  • interred in the Columbarium
  • interred in a family plot or grave
  • interred in a new cremation plot

Remains may also be collected from the Crematorium for interment at another cemetery or scattered elsewhere according to personal choice.

Cremation staff will carry out your wishes promptly and with dignity. Arrangements may also be made to attend while the remains are being laid to rest at no extra cost. Staff will also be happy to accommodate bereaved families wishes and special arrangements with regard to a service.

Scatter tubes are now available to purchase at Glyntaff Crematorium.  They are available for purchase when scattering remains at Glyntaff or when taking remains away to scatter elsewhere.

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For further information and guidance on scattering cremated remains please don't hesitate to contact us:

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