How many black bags can you put out?

There is a limit to the number of standard sized (25 litres) black bags you can put out for your fortnightly rubbish collection.

  • no wheelie bin – 4 black bags (standard size bags only - 25 litres)
  • small wheelie bin (120 litre) – 1 additional bag (standard size bags only - 25 litres)
  • large wheelie bin- (240 litre) – no additional bags

Please note: If you have 2 wheelie bins this will be regarded as side waste and we will ask you to remove your second bin. If necessary we may remove the second bin.

Ash Waste will be collected in manageable sized black bags and this will be in addition to the amount of black bag waste permitted. Please ensure the ash has cooled before placing it in a black bag.

What black bags will RCT collect?

Regardless of where you live in RCT, we will only collect standard size black bags (25 litres).  Any bag larger than this will not be collected including black wheelie bin liners.

What happens if you put out too many black bags?

Any additional black bags (except ash waste) will not be collected and residents are likely to receive a visit from the Council's Waste Awareness Officers.

Collection staff will leave stickers on the additional black bags and repeat offenders will receive a £75 fine. 

You can contact our Waste Awareness Officers for advice to help you to reduce your black bag waste and increase recycling. View further information on what goes in your bins.

How can you reduce you black bag waste?

Help us improve - don't include personal or financial information, e.g. your National Insurance number or credit card details.