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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The information below aims to answer any questions residents may have in relation to Community Recycling Centres (CRCs).

What Items are accepted at Community Recycling Centres?

A full list of what can and can’t be taken to CRCs is available at

Please note: Black bag waste, Mixed DRY Recycling bags or Food waste are NOT currently accepted at Community Recycling Centres and should be put out as part of your household, kerbside collection service. 

Does the CRC take garden waste?

Yes you can take green/garden waste to a Community Recycling Centre. Please ensure all your waste is segregated beforehand to speed up your journey.

Are white goods classed as bulky items of household waste?  Am I allowed to take white goods to the CRC at this time?

Household white goods will be accepted at the sites but please ensure items can be safely lifted by one person ONLY. Commercial fridge freezer units are not accepted. 

How do I remove bulky waste items such as furniture and white goods?

Bulky wastes such as white goods and furniture can be disposed of at CRC. If you are unable to take a large item to a CRC, the Council offers a chargeable, bookable Bulky waste collection service.

More details are available here

Can I bring garden and DIY waste?

The site is open for garden waste, DIY and hazardous waste. Please segregate waste before coming to site to help speed up your journey through the site.

Will I have to queue to get on to the site?

We expect some busier periods during the weekends and warmer weather. During these times there will be a need to limit or control access to the recycling centres which may result in short queues.

During skip changeovers no vehicles or pedestrians are permited access to site until safe to do so. This may additionally result in short queues at busier sites.

Will vans and trailers be allowed to use the site?

More information on what vehicle types can be accepted at Community Recycling Centres can be found on the Communty Recycling Centres Rules webpage

Will cat/animal litter be accepted at the CRC site?

CRC sites will accept controlled amounts of cat/animal litter where compactor bins are available. Items should be double bagged in black refuse sacks or equivelant and securly tied. All black bag wastes will be assessed and challenged for recycling contents on arrival.

When will the sites open without the Covid-19 restrictions?

All sites are currently open with no current Covid-19 restrictions in place.