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Tips for disposing of your waste and recycling during COVID-19

View tips for disposing of your waste and recycling safely to help limit the spread of COVID-19
Recycling tips
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  • Recycling bags are available for collection at a range of distribution points. These include a number of local corner shops and post offices - Masks/face coverings must be worn when collecting bags - view the full distribution point list. If you are unable to collect bags locally you can order your bags online
  • Do not put items such as wipes (personal or cleaning), gloves, face masks, aprons, and tissues into your recycling bags. These items cannot be recycled and must be placed in your black bag waste.

Disposing of your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

  • PPE items such as wipes (personal or cleaning), gloves, face masks, aprons, and tissues cannot be recycled and must be placed in you black bag waste.
  • These items must be double bagged and tied before disposal.
  • These items must be left for 72 hours (3 days) before placing them for kerbside collection.

Wash your bins, caddies and hands

  • Wheelie Bins and Food Waste Caddies (bins, lids and handles) must be washed before and after the bin has been emptied.
  • Hands must be thoroughly washed after bagging up your waste and after placing your waste for kerbside collection.

Community Recycling Centres (Tips) and Bulky Item Collection 

Community Recycling Centres (Tips)

  • Recycling Centres (Tips) are OPEN, 7 days a week from: 8am-7:30pm including ALL over the Bank Holiday (April to October) and 8am – 5.30pm (November-March).
  • You must not attempt to visit any community recycling centre if you or someone you live with has symptoms of COVID-19, such as a high temperature a new, continuous cough or loss of smell (anosmia).
  • Strict rules remain in place across all Community Recycling Centres -  view these rules

Bulky Item Collection 

  • Bulky Waste Collections can be booked ONLINE or via the call centre.
  • Where possible, please clean items before placing them for collection.

Keeping your distance

Our collection staff are are working hard. Please observe COVID-19 current guidance when staff are collecting your waste.