Batteries can also be recycled as part of your weekly recycling collection.

Please place all batteries inside an orange battery recycling bag, seal it and place it into your clear recycling bag along with your other recyclable items.

Orange recycling bags can be ordered online or collected from the various recycling collection points.

Which batteries can I recycle at the Kerbside?

Battery recycling
 Yes   No

 ALL standard household batteries -

  • AAA and AA Cells
  • Sizes C and D
  • Button batteries (e.g. watch or hearing aid batteries)

Car batteries, Mobile Phone batteries, Power Tool batteries - Please take 

these to your local Community Recycling Centre

Did you know materials from the batteries will be recovered and used to make new batteries or something else?

If you put your batteries in your black bag waste they will be taken to landfill sites and damage the environment.