Your recycling will be collected on your weekly recycling collection day.

Recyclable items should be placed in a clear recycling bag - and not be placed in the same bag as your fortnightly household waste.

The Council recycled 64% of its overall waste in 2016/17, however, in order to avoid significant fines we need to recycle 70% by 2024/25, a target set by the Welsh Government.

In order to boost recycling rates further, there are new rules to limit the number of black bags you are permitted each fortnight – coming into force on June 4, 2018.  View further details about the changes. However, the number of recycling bags you are permitted for weekly collection remains unlimited, as the Council encourages residents to recycle more and more.

Below is a useful list of some popular items which can be recycled.

View what can and can't be placed in your clear recycling bags.
Clear recycling bag - PAPER ONLY

Newspapers, magazines, office paper, cereal boxes, cardboard, junk mail, directories, catalogues.

* Please place shredded paper in a separate clear bag

* Please flatten cardboard

Tissues or small pieces of paper. Every bit of paper is hand picked.
Clear recycling bag - MIXED

Tins, cans, foil, jars, plastic bottles, tubs, yogurt pots, wax coated cartons, aerosol cans and polystyrene packaging (non food).

* Please remove tops, wash and squash items

Ceramic material or broken glass, cling film, crisp packets, polystyrene meat trays or knives.put all paper in a separate bag to other recycling


Please note: Sharp objects should be well wrapped up in; for example newspaper, cereal box etc and put in a black bag for your fortnightly collection.  A note should be left on the bin to alert the collection crew that there is something sharp inside and extra care will be taken. 

  • Wash all cans, bottles, glass jars and plastic containers, and place them in a bag together.

  • used paper and cardboard food containers e.g. pizza boxes, cream cakes, chip paper etc should be placed in your food waste bag
  • ensure you use the correct recycling bag/container for your recyclables/waste

Contaminated Waste

It is estimated that 20% of household recycling is contaminated due to residents not following the above tips, this means the recycling bag contains materials that can't be recycled or it contains recyclable items have been soiled by food or other contaminates and will now need to be thrown out with your black bag waste.

To ensure we recycle as much as we possibly can the Council is becoming stricter on residents and asking them to manage their waste and recycling responsibly.

If collection staff see a recycling bag that contains material that can't be recycled, they will not collect it! Instead, they will place an it's contaminated sticker on the bag.

You will need to re-sort the bag, removing the contaminating items and place it out for collection the following week.

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