Rhys Jenkins - Technician

Name: Rhys Jenkins
Year Started (Apprenticeship): 2017
Current Position: Technician   

What did you do before starting the apprenticeship?

Before starting on the apprenticeship program with Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council I had worked in a number of different employment sectors, predominantly the service industry. Whilst in the service industry I had many roles, from Chef to Management.

Why did you apply for the scheme?

I came to the realisation that working 60+ hours a week in a stressful, demanding and often thankless service industry was not what I wanted to do in the long term. I made the decision to re-apply for the Construction and the Built Environment Course that had interested me a number of years beforehand.

After supporting myself throughout the first year of the course by continuing to work in bars and restaurants I started my search for an apprenticeship, in order to get a combined on the job experience along with my classroom learning.

What development have you had since being with RCT?

Whilst being with RCT I have completed my NVQ Level 3 for Civil Engineering Technician and also completed my BTEC Level 3 in Construction and the Built Environment.
I’m now currently studying a HNC in Civil Engineering and have gained permanent employment within the department.  Alongside the professional development, the experiences I have gained undertaking duties with various colleagues has greatly improved the speed of my development overall.  I have been given multiple opportunities of professional training that has allowed me to become more diverse, skilled and knowledgeable within my environment.

What were the highlights?

Personally I have so many highlights from my time as an apprentice, if I had to title them, it would most likely be diversity.  From the multitude of backgrounds that my colleagues come from to the vast scopes of works I have been a part of, every day has been different and not two conversations the same.

Recommendations to Applicants:

I would highly recommend taking some time to research the roles you are interested in before applying, this research will help you to think of experiences you have had that are relatable to what RCT are expecting from a successful candidate